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I’m not sure if you all have heard or seen this before, but it’s an episode on the Smithsonian channel talking about Angkor Wat and many important and interesting facts. Did you know that Angkor Wat was originall White and Gold? Hmm.. lol 

I have not been able to catch the episode, since we don’t actually have the channel, but I do recommend that if you DO have the Smithsonian channel, I suggest you take a look!! :) Or if you don’t, the link I provided above, have a few short clips that are also just as interesting! :) (also, if anyone can find a video/link of the full episode it would be a great help, i’ve been searching everywhere lol)

The times to catch the episode are:

Saturday March 9th, @ 10:00 AM EST
Tuesday March 12, @ 8:00 PM EST and again at 11:00 PM EST

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