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This blog is purposely for everything and anything Khmer related. If you'd like to share any stories, pictures, cambodian jokes, facts, WHATEVER! feel free to submit them here! I'll try to do as much as I can. Hope you all enjoy! :)

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Just came across one of the Khmer Dubbed Chinese movies that I used to watch

It involves a Monkey and a pig. Honestly the monkey always scared me LOL. It’s a ‘monkey king’ movie called “Journey to the West.”┬ábut anyway, it just brought back memories of my no-cable/technology childhood. haha i’d watch it with my parents on the weekends. :)

has anyone ever seen it? or any others like it?

  1. linarachana answered: im late but i remember this, i loved this when i was younger even though i didnt understand. lol.
  2. ch3ty0ub3tcha answered: it’s called haknaman
  3. krazykhmaichic answered: that was my shit i love this movie we watch over and over & we use to reenact it too wen we were little lol
  4. em1pek answered: loved it, love it…Americans killed it with “Forbidden Kingdom”
  5. wondrous-spell answered: I love it! :D
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  7. lynnas answered: LOL of course! It’s Hanuman! xP
  8. pvksrah answered: i love this shit
  9. sovatdymaeyi answered: Ou Kong!
  10. originality-gone answered: I Have The Whole DVD Part 1 & 2
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