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Hello all and welcome! :)
This blog is purposely for everything and anything Khmer related. If you'd like to share any stories, pictures, cambodian jokes, facts, WHATEVER! feel free to submit them here! I'll try to do as much as I can. Hope you all enjoy! :)

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hoookay! So I promised the guys at Lazy Panda that I’d put this up on my blog, so here it is! lol

I bought an adorable navy blue tee with the lazy panda logo (comes in other colors as well, I got the youth size though) — Each merch that was purchased this past weekend at the temple, comes with some stickers and a flag.

Feel free to check out their website, shop their store, and take a look at their scholarships. Mainly for anyone under 18, you can apply and if you win, you get to choose which summer camp of your choice to go to.

Great programs! :)


Khmer new year procession at Wat Munisotaram in Hampton, MN earlier today. #kny #khmernewyear #minnesota (at Minnesota Cambodian Buddhist Temple - Watt Munisotaram)

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Happy Cambodian New Years! Blessed to be able to spend this day with my entire family. 🎉🎊 #cambodiannewyears #buddhist #temple #festival #sanjose (at The San Jose Cambodian Buddhist Society, Inc.)


#Labokator performance in front of #AngkorWat in #SiemReap #Cambodia. Taking me to a time when #Cambodian called #Angkor their home. #AngkorSankranta #RemyHou #KhmerConnection #KhmerNewYear #KNY

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My bestfriend/soul sista just posted this on instagram….. so pretty! Khmer new year.

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To end tonight’s posts, my new favorite shirt. haha

Shoutout to Chinny & the Custom Baked Tees crew for all their hard work and working sales in the blazing heat this past weekend at the temple! lol — and of course also all the amazing new designs! (which I laaaavv)

I was totally obsessed with the apsara ones and the hanuman one (which is not pictured, since the smalls were sold out, I couldn’t buy :( lol) However, I did show some love and I bought the apsara tees in black and white for both my BF and I. The most popular that I’ve seen this past weekend was the “CAMBO NATION” one. haha So now I’m sharing it with all of you! :D

BUT ANYWAY, you can find this and many other designs on their website! Not sure if the newer and freshly baked designs are up yet, but if not, they should be soon!

check ‘em out:

There’s a promo code going on right now where you can get 15% off your entire purchase (15OFF), and free delivery on orders $50 or more. 

In need of a screen printing team or a bunch of screen printed tees for an event or business? Hit ‘em up! They’re located in Virginia :)


Khmer New Year! 🎉🎊🎈

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annd more.

Some pics from this weekend at the Temple/Wat in Maryland! :)

Great weather, great food, great people, great fun!


The wooden bridge ~ Siem Reap Cambodia

A small wooden bridge on the river, which during the day is popular with tourists and the evening meeting place for lovers who promise eternal love in the light of the candles and the moon.



White Building Village Festival. Songs From the Building rooftop performance. The dancers in action. Photo by Damien Rayuela.


Two more shots from the rooftop performance at the White Building Village Festival, January 2014 - Songs From the Building. Photos by Damien Rayuela.


White Building Village Festival. Songs From the Building rooftop performance, Khmer selfies. Photo by Damien Rayuela

Happy Khmer New Year everyone! :)

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