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Hello all and welcome! :)
This blog is purposely for everything and anything Khmer related. If you'd like to share any stories, pictures, cambodian jokes, facts, WHATEVER! feel free to submit them here! I'll try to do as much as I can. Hope you all enjoy! :)

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Royal Palace #vacation #phnompenh #cambodia #dnd


Colors of Cambodia


Photo of the day—Wat Phnom. #penguinstravel2014 #photooftheday #picoftheday #cambodia #phnompenh #travel #globetrotter #adventures #couplestravel #temple (at TEAV Boutique Hotel)


Daily sunrise view


Night scene. Pub street. #siemreap #cambodia (at Pubstreet)

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20140216 - Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Catching the sunrise at Angkor Wat. Woke up at like 4 am, while the sky was still dark, and we still got there a bit late. Prepare time in advance if you plan on staking out for the sunrise (well, actually, you don’t have to, haha — more below). There’s quite a long line to buy tickets — they’re personalised! You have your photo on your ticket so scalpers can’t on-sell.

Anyway, we got there around 5 and the place around the lake was already packed! Wow. Some people are really eager. Friends and I were standing off on the left hand side, but then, strange thing started happening. Around 6:30 people started drifting away. And these were people with super fancy cameras who had staked out the best spots when we’d arrived. It was a rather cloudy day, and I guess they figured the clouds were too thick to see the sun that day.

"Don’t worry," a friend said. "The sunrise predictions today are for 7 am." She went over to their spot and then gestured the rest of us over. So we ended up getting one of the best spots around the lake! :D 

Around 7 am, there was a very small number of people left. But in the end, as that cheese ad says, “good things come to those who wait”. At 7:15 the first signs of the sun rose and those of us still around the lake let out a whoop of joy! — before we started snapping away with our cameras.

Catching the sunrise at Angkor Wat has been on my life long to do list, so I was super happy.




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Angkor Wat from above by Charles J. Sharp.

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Anonymous asked: i want wright love in khmer. can you help me?

I don’t know how, but others do! If you’re Khmer and have khmer family/relatives/friends, they might know!


On the way back from projects today stopped off at the oldest religious monument in the world, 12 century temple Angkor Wat. Beautiful and stacked in history, #Buddhist, #Hindu and of course Tomb Raider! #religion #cambodia #adventure #travel #temple (at Angkor Wat Cambodia)


a time to think by Damian Bere

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